A Commitment to Safety

Airborne San Diego is committed to your safety. As a partnering tunnel of the Tunnel Instructor Organization (TI), Airborne San Diego has placed itself at the forefront of instructor training and safety standards.

All Certified Flight Instructors are continually assessed and receive Continual Professional Development (CPD) training at least once a month. Instructors have the option to take up to six additional hours of extra CPD per month. 

The TI was founded by Bodyflight Bedford in the United Kingdom as a training program for its staff. As the need for industry-wide training standards became apparent, the TI developed its training materials with the aid and input from top instructors from many of its partner facilities. Training materials are now shared across facilities in the industry in an effort to maintain and promote safety standards across the globe.

TI is now considered a world leader in providing wind tunnel instructor training. The TI material is based on shared best practice techniques and feedback from its partners and members in order to ensure continued best practices and safe instructing methods. 

Airborne San Diego’s training program is led by Tristan Hampson, Director of Training, and Chief Examiner for the TI organization. You can learn more about our Certified Flight Instructors here.