Our Certified Flight Instructors

Tristan Hampson | Director of Training

Hometown: Huntingdon, England

As Airborne America’s Director of Training, Tristan is responsible for designing and implementing all training curriculum and guidelines for instructors at Airborne San Diego. A former Chief Instructor at Bodyflight, Ltd. in the UK, Tristan has over a decade of experience flying in wind tunnels. Added to this, Tristan has been trained by the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate to Level 2, a designation for coaches who have experience delivering independent coaching sessions to groups of people.

Tristan was also one of the original creative team members for Tunnel Instructor, the organization dedicated to making tunnel flying a safer and more enjoyable sport by offering free training materials and other resources.

Joined by his wife and children, Tristan and his family are enjoying San Diego, particularly the miles of beautiful coastline.

Alwin Losekann | Instructor

Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Alwin has been skydiving and teaching accelerated freefall (AFF) in San Diego since 1995. An avid skydiver, surfer and martial arts competitor, Alwin is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer.

While he loves a good bourbon and a hoppy IPA, most of all, he loves being a dad with a teenage son and daughter. Alwin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing and international business from Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul.

Amanda Orvold | Instructor

Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA

Amanda is a Houston native and Southern California transplant after serving as a Mechanical Engineer in the US Navy. A recent graduate of The Art Institute of California with an emphasis on Nature and Landscape Photography, Amanda loves taking photos and practicing her craft.

When not training thrill seekers in the wind tunnel, she can usually be found at the gym, running in her neighborhood with her four legged friend, or camping and in search of the perfect shot. She loves good food, hanging out with friends and riding her bike around town.

Ashley Humphries | Instructor

Hometown: San Diego, California, USA

Ashley is a 5th generation San Diegan – yes, FIFTH. You might say skydiving runs in the Humphries family. Ashley’s passion for skydiving comes from her father, who first learned how to skydive from his father. Her life revolves around human flight, from the wind tunnel to skydiving.

Ashley is driven by a desire to learn and prove her grit. From a young age, she was told she couldn’t play the sports she wanted to because of her small size. “I want to be a role model for every girl who has ever been told they couldn’t do something,” she says. “I want to show everyone just how awesome women can be.”

Brian Gruber | Instructor

Hometown: Redding, California, USA

Brian is a friendly, positive and outgoing instructor who enjoys teaching. He loves encouraging and assisting others to help them realize their goals.

A lifetime athlete, Brian regularly participates in rock climbing, soccer, running, swimming, and cycling. Brian has nearly ten years of experience working with young athletes as a USA swimming and soccer coach at the high school and club levels. He is thrilled to be a part of the Airborne San Diego team, and looks forward to working with future flyers in San Diego.

Carson Gill | Instructor

Hometown: Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

You could say Carson is a jack-of-all-trades – he has worked as a lift operator in Colorado, a yacht broker in Florida, and a commercial diver in the Gulf of Mexico. It wasn’t until 2014 that Carson first began skydiving in Snohomish, Washington. Although the Pacific Northwest offers gorgeous scenery to jump, the sunshine and extra gravity of San Diego made his decision to relocate in Southern California an easy one.

Carson strives to be honest, is hardworking, and is thrilled to be able to train and share his love of flight at Airborne San Diego. Carson also owns two boxers, Jack Bauer and John Jameson, who have taught him to live life in the moment. “Life’s too short, so I want to love it while it lasts,” he says.

Chris Regan | Instructor

Hometown: Long Island, New York, USA

A former helicopter pilot and master control operator in television broadcasting, Chris is an avid rock climber and found his passion for instructing sports enthusiasts at the Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center in San Diego.

Originally from Long Island, Chris sought the sunshine and beaches of San Diego and couldn’t be happier with his decision to move west. Chris is excited for the future, and is thrilled to be a part of the Airborne San Diego team.

Cody Hillyer | Instructor

Hometown: Lake Elsinore, California, USA

With more than 400 skydiving jumps and well over 1,000 hours logged in wind tunnels across the country, Cody is one of Airborne San Diego’s most experienced instructors. He has his United States Parachute Association B-License as well as a coach rating, but says he’s still learning every day.

Cody is passionate about body flight, loves teaching, and looks forward to sharing the experience of flight with new flyers each and every day. When he’s not skydiving or in the tunnel, he likes to stay active riding dirt bikes and skateboarding, and most recently picked up slack-lining – similar to tightrope walking.

Cody Russell | Instructor

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska, USA

Cody enjoys a challenge, and loves being around people that are like minded and adventurous. Born and raised in Alaska, Cody left to join the US Navy when he was just 19 years old.

While he is passionate about body flight, Cody loves anything to do with the outdoors, including snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing and of course, skydiving. He also has his PADI scuba diving certification and enjoys running marathons.

Cody recently graduated from San Diego State University with a MBA.

Cory Miranda | Instructor

Hometown: Newington, Connecticut, USA

As a former East Coaster, Cory loves San Diego’s perfect weather, friendly people and laid back vibe.  When not flying in the wind tunnel, you can find him surfing, skydiving, hiking or playing hockey. And after all of those activities, how does Cory recharge? Usually with one of San Diego’s finest culinary creations: a California burrito.

Doug Moore | Instructor

Hometown: Syracuse, New York, USA

As a child, Doug loved downhill skiing and snowboarding, and was always tinkering with motorcycles and four-wheelers, usually breaking them rather than fixing them.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: East Asian Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a minor in physics from Appalachian State University, Doug enlisted in the US Navy where he became a helicopter Aircrewman, Aircrew Rescue Swimmer and Door Gunner.

Doug deployed four times while serving America’s navy, including numerous in-country detachments to train foreign militaries.  After an illustrious career, Doug retired from the Navy on what he calls a high note, and is now enrolled at San Diego Miramar College earning his Airframes and Power Plants Mechanic's certification.  Between certification courses, Doug stays busy apprenticing as a parachute rigger at Skydive San Diego, and also volunteers at the Classic Rotors Museum in Ramona, CA, where he is helping to restore an HRP-1, the first tandem rotor rescue helicopter model, to flight worthy condition. 

With his diverse background, Doug looks forward to working at Airborne San Diego, and enjoys working with kids, military, or anyone looking to have fun.  “Let's be honest here,” Doug says. “Wind tunnels are cool!”

Garrett Barclay | Instructor

Hometown: San Angelo, Texas, USA

Originally from San Angelo, Texas, Garrett left his career in the energy industry to pursue his dream of flying. That journey brought him to California and introduced him to the sport of skydiving, providing him with an introduction to human flight. For the past two years, Garrett has been working in the skydiving industry and jumping daily. He has a strong passion for coaching and sport development, volunteering his time to help coach youth basketball and football.

Hugo Spinoza | Instructor

Hometown: Dallas, Texas, USA

Currently an Active Duty Naval Officer in the US Navy, Hugo is an active runner, swimmer, skydiver, BASE jumper and scuba diver. He is thrilled to add tunnel flyer to his resume and loves taking new flyers into one of Airborne’s impressive new tunnels.

Originally from Dallas, Hugo moved to the East Coast where he studied at the US Naval Academy. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Oceanography, Hugo moved to San Diego and fell in love with it and all that California has to offer.

James Anderson | Instructor

Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland, USA

James, aka Andy as he’s been called since leaving the military, grew up in Bel Air, Maryland, and landed in San Diego for the service. Finding Southern California and its incredible weather too good to leave, Andy is proud to call San Diego home.

An avid rock climber, Andy also has a love for all things Mel Brooks and passion for discovering how things work.

Jean-Michel Mechin | Instructor

Hometown: Denville, New Jersey, USA

Jean-Michel first discovered body flight back on the East Coast at Skydive the Ranch and has been in love ever since.  He has accumulated more than 800 skydiving jumps and holds four state vertical formation records. His favorite aspect of working at Airborne San Diego is seeing anyone, regardless of age, look like a kid again when they enter the tunnel with a huge smile on their face.

Jean-Michel graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Jeremy Rose | Instructor

Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Jeremy is a fun, passionate individual who loves being active, whether skydiving, running at the beach or spending time in the wind tunnel. As Jeremy says, “I love watching anything that involves a winner!” So it is safe to see Jeremy loves watching sports.

He’s passionate about developing one’s skills, and enjoys creating a fun and stimulating environment for learning.

Jesse Adcock | Instructor

Hometown: San Diego, California, USA

Jesse is a San Diego native and like most locals enjoys all things that involve the outdoors. An avid boxer, runner, surfer, backpacker, rock climber, and snowboarder, it is safe to say Jesse knows how to burn some calories. His three-year-old daughter is following suit and is just as active and outdoorsy as her dad.

Having traveled to some far and exotic places across the globe, Jesse loves experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.

Jesse Weyher | Instructor

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Having grown up in competitive ski racing in Vermont, which later lead to racing downhill skateboards, and eventually skydiving, it is safe to say Jesse likes to go fast.

And if Jesse had a tagline? “Think it, feel it, do it,” he says. This mantra has led Jesse in his pursuit of his passions, one of them being skydiving. With a background as a Tandem-I, AFF-I and videographer, Jess is thrilled to be a part of the Airborne San Diego team, helping people experience the thrill of flight.

Jesse received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Business Administration from the College of Charleston.

Jose Campos | Instructor

Hometown: Sonoma, California, USA

Born and raised by two Mexican immigrants on a dairy farm in Sonoma, California, Jose is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, and served as the Assistant Team Leader to a Scout Sniper Team in Afghanistan. Before transferring to the Hawaii Based 1st Battalion 3rd Marine Scout Sniper platoon, Jose was an infantryman with Charlie Company 1st Battalion 3rd Marine Division. His military experience eventually led him to a career in diplomatic protection in remote locations throughout the world.

Now with Airborne, Jose enjoys a variety of action/adventure sport activities, and loves being behind the lens capturing moments to share with the world.

Justin Carr | Instructor

Hometown: El Paso, Illinois, USA

Like many, Justin was drawn to California for its beautiful coastline and diverse landscape. In his spare time, he likes to stay active by hiking, rock climbing, swimming, surfing and biking.

Justin volunteers his time at the youth outreach organization YoungLife and enjoys tending to his garden. He is married and has a beautiful two-year-old daughter.

Morgan Duhamel | Instructor

Hometown: San Diego, California, USA

The obstacles and challenges in Morgan’s life, whether it was his parents’ divorce or growing up in low income housing, have made him the man he is today. He is driven by a desire to succeed and believes respect is the foundation for everything.

Morgan likes to push the limit of what's possible when it comes to sports like skateboarding, and indoor skydiving is no different. He is thrilled to share his passion of bodyflight and looks forward to teaching others the thrill of flight each and every day.

Patrick Accomando | Instructor

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Patrick’s passion and enthusiasm for flying is evident in his instruction. His love for the sport has driven him to find what he says is the opportunity of a lifetime. “Instructing at Airborne San Diego is an incredible opportunity to to teach others, and share the excitement I have for bodyflight with as many people as possible.” 

When he’s not flying in the tunnel, he enjoys staying active and spending time outdoors, either at the beach or in the mountains.

Philip Shortt | Instructor

Hometown: Orlando, Florida, USA

Born and raised on the East Coast in sunny Orlando, Florida, Phillip has been in San Diego for just over three years now and loves it. An avid traveler and adventurer, Philip lives life to fullest, taking advantage of exploring locales near and far.

When he’s not flying, Philip loves to play music and works as a full time luthier, building and repairing guitars.

Robert C. Schavlay | Instructor

Hometown: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

A former FA-18 Super Hornet Quality Insurance Representative and Mechanic in the US Navy, Robert – or Chevy as he is known to friends – left the military after eight years to pursue both his education and love of skydiving.

Chevy loves anything skydiving related. His true passion is the wing suit, and more recently freeflying, an expansion of skydiving where the flyer is in an upright position (falling feet first) or in an inverted position (falling head first).

Currently a rigger, Chevy is thrilled to be a part of the Airborne San Diego team.

Skyler Ledbetter | Instructor

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Currently a student at Southwestern College studying biology. When he’s not busy in the tunnel or with school, there’s a good chance he’s trying to find the best cheeseburger in San Diego.

In his free time, Skyler enjoys Olympic-style weightlifting.

Tony Lomauro | Instructor

Hometown: Saint James, New York, USA

Tony has a motto – “Live awesomely.” A simple notion from a complex man. Having spent seven yearsin the US Navy, with three deployments including defensive combat operations in Kuwait, Tony is an active and dynamic individual.

He loves a challenge, and perfecting his bodyflight skills while motivating and inspiring others is not only next on his list, but a life goal.

Hobbies include spearfishing, SCUBA diving, skydiving, running, swimming, weight lifting and yoga. Tony is also a USCG licensed master, with a love for the sea and the outdoors.

Travis Sparrow | Instructor

Hometown: Orlando, Florida, USA

A former Corporal and Combat Engineer in the US Marine Corps, Travis is currently a student at San Diego State University majoring in environmental science.

In addition to skydiving and bodyflight, Travis loves anything to do with the outdoors, but especially hiking and camping. In his spare time, he works as a music promoter for festivals and is a frequent attendee.

Walker Mackey | Instructor

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Walker was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, but he considers Yosemite National Park his home. And like the late great John Muir who helped form the US National Park Service that protects Yosemite, Walker is an explorer.

Always curious to learn more about himself and what he is capable of, Walker is on a quest to explore his passion and the boundaries of human flight. “I strive to live a life overflowing with passion and filled with appreciation,” he says. “For me the things of value are not things at all. In life, what I value the most are my friends, family, and experiences.”

Walker is excited to share his knowledge and experience with others, and looks forward to instructing fellow explorers and thrill seekers in the tunnel.

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