Our Patented Technology

While the sport of indoor skydiving (or bodyflight) has experienced phenomenal worldwide growth since its inception in the late 1970s, the wind tunnel technology has remained largely unchanged.

In 2014, Airborne America set out to develop the most advanced, state-of-the-art facility in North America, bringing together the world’s leading wind tunnel experts and industrial engineers. With an emphasis placed on smoother air, more consistent wind flow, variable wind speeds and energy efficiency, the team developed a patented wind tunnel environment that is truly unique. The Airborne Experience™ represents a major leap foward in modern wind tunnel design, efficiency and experience.


Our modern design provides smooth and consistent airflow, giving flyers not only a realistic sensation of flight, but the most enjoyable flight experience – all in the safety of our professional instructors. Everyone from first-time flyers to experienced professionals can enjoy the thrill of flight. 

“Relax on the wind and let it add strength to your precise movements and create a truly smooth experience.”

--Brian Gruber, Instructor | Airborne San Diego

While most wind tunnels have a range of 80 to 150 miles per hour, Airborne America’s wind tunnel speeds can be taken to an incredible 200 miles per hour. Wind speeds are adjusted to accommodate the abilities of an individual and to compensate for variable body drag during advanced acrobatics.


By using a single, highly efficient wind tunnel fan instead of multiple smaller fans, wind noise is reduced, providing a quieter, more energy efficient flight environment. Air recycled through a single return chamber also reduces energy requirements.

All of this works together to provide the best possible flight experience. 


Towering 30 feet high and spanning 14 feet wide, Airborne San Diego's dual flight tunnels are massive with nearly three stories of floor to ceiling glass. Spectators have a completely unobstructed view of the tunnels from almost any angle, making the facility the ideal for team competitions and private events.

“We want to provide visitors with a unique, unforgettable experience. Everything from the interaction with our staff and instructors, to the design and layout of our facility, to the process in which first-time flyers are guided through training, all has been developed with great attention to detail.”

--Anna Calisse, General Manager | Airborne San Diego

Combined with the unique design of the facility, multiple viewing platforms, the Sky Lounge, café and bar, BBQ Terrace, and private event rooms, Airborne San Diego's focus is to provide a world-class environment that is safe, fun, and allows anyone to experience the thrill of flight.