Chad Ross

Human flight has been in Chad’s veins since birth. He comes from a spirited lineage of pilots who have shared the freedom of flight and ingrained a deep respect for the sky. This drive to ascend has manifested itself into a love of skydiving and a passion to share this dream with others. To Date, Chad has logged over 13,000 jumps and roughly 600 plus hours of wind tunnel time.

Chad has been jumping and competeing in a multitude of in-air and wind tunnel disciples spanning nearly 14 years. He has been a member of the U.S. Skydiving team and three time world record holder. All of these accomplishments have been stepping stones on a focused and impassioned path. A long road of determined exploration and shared admiration for just what the human body and mind is capable of…. Playing Chess with Gravity.

Josh Ruiz-Velasco

instructor/coach for about 5 years. worked at flyspot Poland and Ifly. Travels around competing and coaching.

Scott Palmer

All skill levels wind tunnel coaching by Scott Palmer

Tristan Hampson

Director of Training for Airborne San Diego, as well as Tunnel Instructor Org Chief Examiner and one of the original creative team for the organization.

Can provide coaching or training to anyone with little or no knowledge all the way through to the most advanced flying techniques (including Dynamic Flying) and the most advanced Tunnel Instructor skills rating.