Kids' League Afterschool Program

Airborne San Diego Kids’ League Afterschool Program

Airborne San Diego’s Kids’ League Afterschool Program is designed to teach kids about the sport of bodyflight and to provide the skills necessary to simultaneously fly with others. Our highly trained certified instructors will guide students through a three-month progression program where kids will learn how to fly in a safe and fun environment.

Available for children ages 6-12 years old, Kids’ League nights are held every Monday night from 5:00-7:00 PM. The program is on a first come first serve basis and limited to 12 participants per session. Participants will work with instructors each week to improve their skills and track progress in a personal log book.

On the final night of the program, we’ll welcome parents for meet and greet happy hour before the kids show off their skills in a Finals Competition. Winners of the competition will receive 10 minutes of tunnel time, including certified instruction, and an Airborne Gift Pack.


  •          One-on-One Instruction in Groups No Larger than 12 Students
  •          Belly Flight, Back Fly and Group Flight Instruction
  •          Three-Month Program Duration Held Mondays 5:00-7:00 PM
  •          Personal Log Book to Track Progress
  •          Welcome Pizza Party and Finals Competition
  •          Designed for Kids Ages 6-12


Each student will fly in the tunnel for a minimum of 5 minutes each session with all flight time and progression recorded in a personal log book. The program begins with students learning basic belly flight skills and fundamentals. Once a basic understanding of belly flying has been taught, the program advances to learning how to back fly as well as the transition between belly and back. Progression will continue onto more advanced free fly skills that will enable students to fly freely with others in a group on any wind speed.


  •          Program cost is $280 per month or $750 paid in full.
  •          Payment is due upon reservation if paid ahead of time.
  •          Airborne does not pro rate months of membership.
  •          Monthly memberships will renew each billing cycle.


  •          Participants must arrive by 4:30 PM for their first session, 4:45 PM all other sessions.
  •          Participates must be between the ages 6-12 years old only.
  •          The program duration is three months.
  •          Program membership cannot be shared.
  •          The program is non-fundable unless program is cancelled by Airborne San Diego.

Airborne San Diego reserves the right to modify or cancel its programs at any time. Time frame for progression is not guaranteed and dependent on the student’s performance.

QUESTIONS? GIVE US A CALL! (619)564-7860

If you have any questions about the program, please contact a representative anytime for assistance.