Skydivers and Professionals

Whether you are going through accelerated freefall (AFF) training, training with a skydiving team or are looking to more extended periods of time in the tunnel, we have a variety of options to help you enhance your skills.

A Pro Flyer Account has many benefits, including the ability to view our flight diary, manage your tunnel time and make bookings online. In order to qualify for a Pro Flyer Account you must of completed 3hrs of tunnel time at Airborne San Diego. 

5 Minutes of unassisted tunnel time.


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10 Minutes of unassisted tunnel time.


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15 minutes of unassisted tunel time.


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30 minutes of unassisted tunnel time


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Designed to provide the ultimate playground and training center for thrill seekers, professional skydivers and military personnel, Airborne San Diego's facility is ideal for advanced flyers.

As a Pro Flyer, we offer:

  • Dedicated personal lockers
  • Three team rooms with full video debriefing system
  • A tunnel replica creeper pad, with custom creepers
  • Free videos of your session(s), downloaded to a thumbdrive
  • A fully automated manifest system

Our instructors can provide coaching at any time in the tunnel. Should you require any additional coaching, please contact us directly to make an appointment. You can also attend one of our upcoming Tunnel Camps.

Airborne San Diego regularly hosts instructor courses with certification by the Tunnel Instructor Organization.

This renowned organization’s procedures guarantee that best practice is followed and the highest safety standards are met. These are the courses for you if you wish to take your coaching to the next level. 
For further details please contact our Director Of Training, Tristan Hampson via email at: for more information.
To view the course material, visit
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