Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions:

  •        1. Booking terms
  •        2. Payment terms
  •        3. Redeeming gift vouchers
  •        4. Cancellation and no show policy
  •        5. Arrival times and check in
  •        6. Under 18’
  •        7. Video & Photos
  •        8. Indoor Skydiving
  •        9. Restaurant
  •        10. Alcohol
  •        11. Membership

1.0 Booking terms

1.1 Pre-booking of all activities is advisable to ensure your preferred date and time.
1.2 All bookings are refundable up to 24 hours’ notice of flight time. Must be rescheduled within 90 days of original booking. After 24 hours, the booking cannot be refunded but may be rescheduled with a 30% fee of that days booking unless booking protection has been purchased. 
1.3 No booking may be entered into the Booking System unless payment is made or a Bank Transfer is initiated (See terms for Bank Transfer).
1.4 For schools and colleges provided a purchase order has been received a booking can be made in the system. Payment must be received 10 days prior to the booking date.
1.5 Bookings are restricted to specific times and days. Please check the main pages of the website or call (619-564-7860) for more information.
1.6 If making a booking by phone and a booking confirmation is required, please request one at the time of booking and provide a valid e-mail address to which it can be sent.
1.7 Booking Protection (cancellation insurance) can be purchased for bookings.
1.8 Booking Protection can only be purchased at the time of booking.
1.8.1 Where Booking Protection has been purchased, claims for missed bookings must be made within 10 days of the missed booking date.

2.0 Payment terms

2.1 All bookings must be paid for in full, in advance over the phone, online or in person.
2.2 Bank Transfers may be accepted providing they meet specific requirements. Please call (619-564-7866) or email mike.c@airbornesandiego.com in advance. 
2.3 If paying by Bank Transfer, allow a minimum of 10 days for funds to appear in the Airborne bank account.
2.4 Failure to pay before the specified deadline will result in the booking being removed from the Booking System.
2.5 If paying by Bank Transfer, any additional bank charges must be paid for by the customer.
2.6 If there is the ability to include a reference on the Bank Transfer please use your booking reference number.
2.7 For fraud protection you may be asked to present either the card used to pay or a form of personal ID on the day of your booking.
2.7.1 Details of the card or ID presented on the day may be recorded by Airborne.

3.0 Redeeming gift vouchers

3.1 If you are using a voucher, please bring this with you, it is proof of your payment and your eligibility to take part in the activity. 
3.2 If you do not bring your voucher you will not be able to take part in the activity unless the booking confirmation or purchase confirmation can be shown.  
3.3 Vouchers purchased over the phone or online can be refunded free of charge, providing it falls within the normal refund terms. Vouchers must be returned before a refund can be issued. Once a voucher has been booked it falls under the booking terms and conditions.
3.4 It is strongly suggested that when returning vouchers, they are sent recorded delivery as lost vouchers will not be refunded. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt.
3.5 The promotional value of all vouchers expire 12 months after purchase date unless otherwise stated.
3.6 Lost or stolen vouchers can be replaced free of charge provided this is before the expiration date.
3.7 Vouchers from external suppliers such as (but not limited to) Groupon all have their own terms and conditions which may vary from Airborne's own policies. Please check with your voucher supplier.
3.8 Customers who have an Airborne voucher who wish to book their experience after the expiration date of the promotional value of the voucher can do so by paying the difference in price (if there is one) of the current value of that product provided the voucher is still in date at the time of booking.
3.9 Gift vouchers ordered over the telephone or online will be posted out as standard mail.
3.10 Gift vouchers cannot be purchased or redeemed in conjunction with any other offer or discount.            
3.11 Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
3.12 Where Booking Protection has been purchased at the time a voucher booking has been made, the standard voucher terms apply.

4.0 Cancellations, Rescheduling and no show policy

4.1 No-shows and latecomers will be considered as cancellations.
4.2 Airborne San Diego is unable to offer any refunds for missed or cancelled bookings, unless they fall within the refund policy under booking terms and conditions.
4.3 If more than 48 hours’ notice from flight time is given for a cancellation, then the booking may be moved to a later date within 90 days of the original booking (subject to availability).
4.4 All cancellations must be made by telephone or in person and a cancellation reference number issued. Cancellations will not be taken any other way.
4.5 When cancelling a booking a cancellation reference number will be issued. This number must be stored by the customer as in the event of a discrepancy all bookings will stand unless a cancellation reference number can be quoted. 
4.6 If you are late, you may reschedule within the day at no cost (subject to availability). If the day is fully booked, you may reschedule for a 30% fee for another days booking within 90 days of the original booking (subject to availability).

4.7 Booking Protection (Cancellation Insurance)

4.7.1 Booking Protection must be purchased at the time of booking.
4.7.2 If a booking has been made and Booking Protection purchased, the booking may be cancelled or rescheduled with less than 72 hours’ notice.
4.7.3 Booking Protection allows the booking to be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason but limited to being used only once.
4.7.4 Where Booking Protection has been used to reschedule a booking, said booking is then subject to the standard cancellation policy.
4.7.5 To ensure the rescheduled booking is protected a new Booking Protection must be purchased at the time of rescheduling.
4.7.6 Purchasing Booking Protection does not alter or extend the promotional value of a gift vouchers validity period.

4.8 Bulk Time Cancellations

4.8.1 For bookings of flight time of 30 minutes or under, 48 hours notice is needed for rescheduling. 
4.8.2 Rescheduling under 3 hours per day requires a 3-day notice (72 hours) or you will be charged the full amount.
4.8.3 Rescheduling more than 3 hours per day requires management approval.
4.8.4 Bulk time cancellations may be held with Airborne as 'credit' on account.

4.9 Amenities Cancellations

4.9.1 To cancel a party/event room or BBQ terrace booking, 3 days’ notice must be given.
4.9.2 Within 3 days a 50% charge will be processed on the booking card.
4.9.3 If you cancel after 2pm on the day before your arrival date or you don't show up for your booking - you will be charged the full amount.
4.9.4 Reservations of the party room and tables will be allocated for approximately 1- 3 hours depending on package booked.

5.0 Arrival times and check in

5.1 If it is your first time participating you must have a briefing before you can take part.
5.2 To fly you must arrive 1 hour before the start of your activity.
5.3 If you miss your pre-activity briefing you will be unable to take part and will not be reimbursed.
5.4 You will be required to read an ‘are you fit to take part’ sheet for the activity you are doing.
5.5 All participants, or accompanying adults, will be required to complete an waiver form.

6.0 Minors Under 18

6.1 Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be asked to read and sign the waiver form on their behalf.
6.2 Participants should be over the age of 3 (recommended age of 5). However, a parent/guardian’s discretion is advised as to the suitability of their child for the activity.
6.3 Accompanying adults are responsible for all minors in their care, at all times whilst on site.

7.0 Video & Photos

7.1 The provision of Video footage, digital USB footage and photos are considered a separate service to the activities on offer. 
7.2 In the event of video footage or photos being unavailable no rescheduling or reimbursement of tunnel time is possible.
7.3 Should your activity package include a free USB, in the unlikely event that this is unavailable there shall be no replacement, alternative or reimbursement.

8.0 Indoor Skydiving

8.1 Weight Restrictions are in place for flyers. The recommended maximum flying weight is 260 lbs.
8.2 Customers who weigh over 260 lbs. may still be eligible to fly but may have a slightly different experience.

8.3 The Bulk Time Discount Scheme 

8.3.1 Airborne San Diego rewards customers who pre-pay for their tunnel time in blocks of 30 minutes or more. Blocks of time of 30 minutes or more is considered Bulk Time.
8.3.2 Airborne San Diego will determine when 'holiday` time is and reserves the right to amend this at any time.
8.3.3 Airborne San Diego reserves the right to amend the price of bulk time at any point.

8.4 Booking Bulk tunnel time

8.4.1 Tunnel time can be purchased 'in bulk' and held on account to be used in the future.
8.4.2 Alternatively a 'cash account' can be created with credit added to be used to make bookings.
8.4.3 For both bulk accounts and cash accounts credit of tunnel time or monetary value may be kept on account for use for up to three years. If account is inactive for the 3 years without prior notice, it will be closed after 3 year period.
8.4.4 Accounts will usually be named after the individual, team or organization who makes the original purchase.
8.4.5 Up to three named users can be added to the account in addition to the account holder who will then be authorized to make bookings from, and changes to, that account.
8.4.6 A named user from either the cash account or Bulk account must be present every time it is flown.

8.5 Eligibility to Fly Bulk Time

8.5.1 Discounted Bulk Time is intended for use by experienced flyers only, however, up to four beginners per hour of Bulk Time may use this flight time.                                                
8.5.2 A beginner is defined as someone who needs to be held by an instructor due to instability. As a guide someone who has flown 10 minutes or more at Airborne would not usually be classed as a beginner.

8.6 Rotations.

8.6.1 Airborne San Diego is unable to guarantee rotations. 
8.6.2 Airborne San Diego will, if possible, provide one-minute empty tunnel rotations.
8.6.3 Airborne San Diego will endeavor to arrange rotations required for bookings.

9.0 Restaurant

9.1 All payments made to Breakaway by Airborne for catering are non-refundable and we are unfortunately unable to make any refunds for guests who do not turn up for their booking on the day.
9.2 Tables in the café can be reserved upon request but cannot be guaranteed.
9.3 Only food and drink purchased from the restaurant may be consumed on the premises – please note bringing "extra" food for your party is not permitted. Birthday cake(s) will be permitted with managements knowledge and approval.
9.4 3rd party caterers will only be permited with managament approval. 14 days notice must be given in writting prior to the event. 

10.0. Alcohol

10.1 The consumption of alcohol is not recommended before your flight, if consumed prior to flying it must be in moderation.
10.2 If a member of staff suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance they may refuse to allow you to participate in the activity.
10.3 Anyone consuming alcohol on the premises must be 21 and up and have a yellow wristband from Breakaway by Airborne.
10.4 Anyone onsite consuming alcohol without a proper wristband may be asked to leave the facility at the discretion of management.

11.0 Membership

11.1 Monthly memberships are to be paid for on a recurring card payment. Credit card details will be taken upon joining and the membership will be renewed using this form of payment until you inform us in writing that you no longer require membership.
11.2 Members must have 10 minutes of flight time ($120) on their account.
11.3 Coaching is not included.
11.4 Flight time is on a first come first serve basis, you will not be guaranteed flight time every day. Stand by time is considered as time not manifested after a retail class has been called or any time not manifested 20 minutes before an experienced flyer block.
11.5 Members may share time with other members only. Those members need to be physically present to share the time.
11.6 Time may not be available during holidays.
11.7 All members may be issued with a membership card that admits them to the facility. Replacement cards are $25.00 each.